Happy Anniversary

FEBRUARY 01, 2014

Carl and Cathy are from east Texas and decided to spend their 39th Wedding Anniversary on the Little Red River with us doing some fly fishing.  Last Saturday was a blue bird day with temperatures near seventy degrees and the beautiful weather seemed to really turn on the trout.  Cathy spends a lot time outdoors hiking and rafting but had not done much fly fishing.  She quickly became our second client this year to catch their first trout on a fly, which in Cathy’s case was a #16 gray flashback Sowbug.  Carl on the other hand has done a good deal of fly fishing and he just wore out the Rainbows on Born’s Hairy Legged Sowbug and #16  PBS’S.

At noon we set up the grill on a gravel bar and fired up some really good Arkansas chicken and just enjoyed the warm sunshine.   It was a  really an nice relaxing day with plenty of  fly fishing action!  Carl plans to come back later this spring and go chase some Hybrids on Greers Ferry Lake with us.  I think both Carl and Cathy agree with us that:

“Life is Good on the Fly!”