Water Levels

For real-time data, please check out the following resources. Each of the websites listed below provides water data information that can be helpful in planning your fly fishing trips.

The website for the “Southwest Power Administration” provides the projected water releases for each of the hydropower dams in the southwestern region. The projections are updated shortly after 4:00 PM each day for up to seventy-two hours in advance.

The Little Rock District of the “U.S. Army Corps of Engineers” website provides the actual water releases over the past thirty-six hours at the hydropower dams in Arkansas. This information can be useful in deciding which stream, or which sections of a river, offers the best water levels and conditions for fly fishing.

The “USGS” website provides real-time water data for many of the rivers and streams in Arkansas. Just place your pointer on the dot for the reporting gage on the stream you are interested in fly fishing and click. The graphs will show you the stream discharge in cubic feet per second, the gage height of the stream at the reporting station, the inches of precipitation for the past week, and the water temperature.

*It is important to remember that the information provided by these websites should not be relied upon to predict safe water conditions!

Southwest Power Administration
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USGS Real-Time Water Data for Arkansas