Scouting for Hybrids

SEPTEMBER 01, 2013

Last evening Bo and his good friend, Paul Broddick, decided to do a little scouting for Hybrids on Greers Ferry Lake.  The Hybrid fishing has been quite slow and the current surface water temperature is eighty-six degrees so it is going to have to cool down quite a bit to get things started.

The thinking among several top Hybrid anglers is that last winters very mild weather did not result in much of a shad kill so the lake now has an unusually large population of large Threadfin Shad.  The bait fish are holding down in the thermocline  as are the Hybrids.  This could well result in some big Hybrids this fall.

Although we did not hook up any Hybrids last night we did have one good pod of Hybrids come up but we could not catch up to them and get a fly in front of them.  But these were indeed BIG HYBRIDS!!  The fall Hybrid fly fishing may really be something special this year.

Bo is leaving next week for Montana on a hosted trip with his son, Trent, and they will be fly fishing out west for a couple of weeks.  However, if you want to book a fall Hybrid fly fishing trip go ahead and email us or call us at Empty Creel Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitter.  You will enjoy our big, stable Crestliner lake boat and it’s big fly casting platform.

“Life is Good on the Fly!”