Family Weekend

APRIL 01, 2013

We had just a delightful spring weekend with almost the whole family.  My real master, Janie, and son Trent were here for some grilling, the Final Four basketball games and of course some fly fishing on the Little Red River.  Hopefully we can get Aimee Leigh and Jon up here soon.  The Caddis are coming off in drovers, did I mention they are my favorite Mayfly, and the Rainbows are really turned on to the hatch.  The fish seem to be keying on the emerges rather than dry flys so RG/PT Cruisers and #18 olive Larva Lace as dropper under a #16 Elk Hair Caddis were the perfect set up!  Sure wish we could teach these fish to look up!  Trent got hooked up to a big Brown Trout of at least 22 inches; but it managed to throw the fly back at Trent and it actually hit his hat.  All Trent could say was, “That was really cool!”

Finally Trent and I managed a short nap on the casting deck of the Stinger Jane II.  Great way to finish off a super weekend.

“Life is Good on the Fly!”