NOVEMBER 01, 2016

Last weekend we had the opportunity to take one of Bo’s oldest and dearest friends fly fishing.  No one could ask for a more loyal friend than Philip Merry, Jr.  Bo and Philip met during their college days and have not only been great friends ever since they have also done a lot of business together for all these years.

We had wonderful February weather with temperatures in the sixties and seventies; although the winds were very strong both of the days of our trips.  On Saturday we took the drift boat on a long float on the lower river and both Philip and his friend and business partner, John Cobb, struggled a bit with their casting in the wind which easily gusted to twenty-five mils per hour.  Regardless, both anglers caught good numbers of Rainbow Trout and each angler landed a couple of nice Brown Trout.  Although there was very little insect activity the trout in the lower river are definitely keying on March Brown Emerger patterns. 

At noon we anchored the drift boat on a gravel bar and pull out the ole grill for some chicken cordon bleu sandwiches.  During the afternoon float the fishing remained strong and we got to see a beautiful Bald Eagle and a few adult beverages were enjoyed.

On Sunday we launched the jet boat a bit further up river  and fished a couple of different sections of the Little Red River.  Again with very strong winds there was virtually no visible insect activity.  Nevertheless less a variety of Sowbug and Pheasant Tail patterns kept both anglers on fish and actually produced a little better numbers than the day before.  All in all it was a great fly fishing weekend and wonderful time spent with dear friends!

“Life is Good on the Fly!”