Nasty Creature

FEBRUARY 01, 2017
Nasty Creature

Lamprey Eels are nasty creatures that can swim at incredible speeds.  Commonly called an eel, a Lamprey is actually a jawless fish.  Once they latch their round mouth, that is full of teeth, onto a fish they can literally suck the life out of a fish in pretty short order.

Usually when you catch a fish with a Lamprey attached it quickly lets go of the fish soon as the fish comes out of the water or is raised from the water in a net. In this instance Bo netted the fish and was able to quickly scoop the fish and the Lamprey into the boat where the Lamprey immediately released it’s grip on the fish and ended up on the bottom of the boat.  The Lamprey was inhumanely dispatched and this Rainbow Trout now swims again to fight another day.  There is always something interesting on the river.

Fishing continues to be quite good and we are beginning to see a few March Browns on the lower river.  March Brown emerger fly patterns have been very successful as it seems the fish are definitely looking for them  Greers Ferry Lake is current well below the conservation pool and the generation has been reduced to power demand so there are long periods of low water particularly on the weekends.  We could really use a good general rain to get the lake level back up before the summer season.  

“Life is Good on the Fly!”