“The Donald”

MARCH 01, 2016

Obviously this is not “The Donald” that is currently running for President.  However, this guy is a fine fly fisherman from New Hampshire and is lot younger than the other Donald.  Our Donald has been fly fishing since he was a youngster and most of that has been dry fly fishing.  Last Friday we got the chance to introduce Donald to some streamer fishing on The Little Red River.

He started off quite well catching a nice Black Bass on his third cast with a streamer rod and sink tip fly line.  It did not take Donald long to figure out how to get the sink tip fly line on a 6wt. streamer rod to shoot accurately right to the edge of the river bank and then with varying stripping methods get some dandy Brown Trout to attack the streamer.  Donald caught the largest Brown Trout of his fly fishing career along with numbers of fat Rainbows.

This “Donald” gets our vote and we hope he will return to Arkansas and we will definitely try to get his next career Brown Tout.

“Life is Good on the Fly!”