Unusual Grand Slam

MARCH 01, 2016

Trent was able to come up and fly fish with us last weekend and it had way too long since he had been here.  Something special was bound to happen!

For a change it was a nice spring day and although the water was a little high and a little off color the fly fishing was pretty darn good.  We pretty much locked into the streamer thing as Bo had a new rise Level X 7wt. rod from our good friend, Steve Berchard, of Rise Fishing in Long Island, New York , matched up with a new 3TAND fly reel that he wanted to test.  We wound up giving the new equipment a good work out.  Both anglers caught several nice Rainbows and Bo managed a decent Brown Tout during the morning session.  Then in the afternoon things got real interesting.

At the mouth of one of the creeks that feeds the Little Red River Trent got his streamer hammered by what turned out to be real nice Black Bass.  For the next hour the guys kept picking off nice Bass with Trent taking a dandy four pound Black Bass which is pretty good for a creek bass.  Then Trent hit the Grand Slam with a beautiful Smallmouth Bass!  You have to admit that is a pretty unusual Grand Slam on a trout river.

“Life is Good on the Fly!”