David, Tony and a Big Ole Snapping Turtle

OCTOBER 01, 2014

On Monday we had a really interesting trip on the Little Red River with David and Tony from Memphis, TN.  These two friends also work together and really enjoy their fly fishing times.  They stayed a couple of nights with us at The Empty Creel Lodge and they brought enough food for an army.  The venison poppers they did on the grill were amazing.

We had a beautiful fall day on the river and everyone enjoyed the brats we grilled on the river bank for lunch.  The river is low and gin clear so that required long leaders and very light tippets along with a good long cast and a really good drag free drift.  David and Tony were up to the challenge and brought a number of nice fat Rainbows to the net.  The flys of the day were all small and included #16 PBS’s, #18 gray flashback Sowbugs, #16 RG/PT Cruisers and #20 olive and black Zebra Midges.

During our float trip we came upon a big ole Snapping Turtle that was wedged in between two forks of an old log in the river and he was really stuck!  It took a little work from our whole crew but the guys were able to free the snapper and although he was a little dried out he managed to swim off in good shape.  The old turtle really appreciated our good deed for the day.

“Life is Good on the Fly!