Blue Winged Olives

AUGUST 01, 2014

Our good friend from Fort Smith, Ar, Dr. David Phillips, along with his friend Danny, joined us on the Little Red River last weekend for a little fly fishing.  The fishing continues to be excellent with really impressive numbers of Rainbows.  The hot flies were #14 Born’s Hairy Legged Sowbug, #16 Gray Flashback Sowbugs and #18 BWO Emergers.

David has been an avid golfer for many years but over past several years has traded his golf clubs for fly rods and has become a fly fishing nut just like Bo.  Although he has done quite a bit of fly fishing he had not hooked up a trout on a dry fly.  As luck would have it about 3:00PM on a lower section of the river we ran into a beautiful Blue Winged Olive hatch.  The guys took a bunch of Rainbows on emerges when David mentioned that he had never caught a fish on a dry fly.  Bo had a little 4wt. Rise Fly Rod, from our good friend Steve Berchard, already rigged up with a #16 BWO dry fly and David went to work.  It took a few tries to get a good drag free drift but before long David had hooked up two Rainbows on a dry fly!

The Blue Winged Olive hatch should just continue to get better through the summer and the Hopper bite is just around the corner.  I am sure that David will be back soon and if you want to try a little dry fishing just book a trip with Empty Creel Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitter and we will get you hooked up.

“Life is Good on the Fly!”